As to divorce law, laws are different from country to country. For example, in Japan requirements for divorce are very strict and co-custody is not admitted. Also, Japanese law adopts community property rule.

For international divorce cases, main legal issues include conflict of laws, approval of judgement, injunction or specific performance by other countries' authorities, and international jurisdiction related problems.

If you are thinking of divorce, it is recommended that you consult attorneys as in the early stage as possible. One of the reasons is because it is important to obtain related evidence prior to taking some legal procedures.

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In Japan requirement for divorce is strict?

Yes. Generally, difficulty of continuance of marriage or specific acts provided for in related statute is required. If the specific acts provided for in related statute are not found, it is not easy to get divorce judgement. However, divorce by agreement does not require court or other authority's approval and can flexibly include divorce related matters.


When determining which spouse has custody of the child, is the desire of the child considered in court?

Generally, his desire is not considered unless the child reaches 15 years old, and wives are usually admitted child custody unless there are special circumstances.


How is the amount of child support determined?

Generally, court considers various factors, including the income of each spouse and the number of their children.